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High Jump Equipment from high jump mats, waterproof landing mat covers, high jump stands and laths.

Competition high jump mats…

We offer an extensive range of high jump landing areas to cater for our various customers’ needs. For competitions and athlete training, we offer an IAAF certified high jump bed from our high jump range, two standard high jump mats to meet IAAF regulations and a third option to meet the UKA regulations.

Beginner high jump mats…

As well as our competition landing areas, we offer two schools high jump landing areas, ideal for beginners. The main difference between the two is the modules that make up the base of the bed:

The first schools high jump landing area is made up of three modules or sections which is similar in make up to the competition landing areas.
The second schools high jump landing area is made up of seven modules. The main advantage of this is that it can be moved and stored in smaller pieces, so is ideal when the schools high jump landing area is being used in a schools hall or similar but being stored elsewhere. However, it does take a little longer to assemble/disassemble.

High jump covers..

All of our high jump beds come complete with spike-proof cover as standard. Optional accessories include the high jump waterproof covers and rainproof covers which give basic protection against the weather. An upgrade on the rainproof cover is the high jump landing area wheel away cover which in essence is a ‘mini garage’.

Not only does the wheel away cover protect the high jump bed against the weather, but also offers a secure home for it. We also offer high jump covers which are made from wood. These lift the high jump bed off the ground to prevent damp, further protecting it.

High jump stands…

Our Nordic Elite competition high jump stand is used at the highest level. Alongside this, we offer three high jump stands from ARH Athletics where each stand is manufactured for different levels of ability. This includes mid-level ability high jump stand for schools, a higher ability high jump stand for clubs or more competitive schools and finally a stadium level high jump stand.

All of our high jump stands are made to the highest quality and so we expect all models to have a long lifespan. The ARH Schools high jump stands even have the ability to be calibrated.

High jump laths…

To finish the setup we offer four high jump laths, also known as high jump bars. Our most popular are manufactured from fibreglass and are IAAF certified. This is our standard fibreglass high jump lath. There are two other options. Our Aluminum High Jump Lath is no longer used in competition but remains some facilities’ preferred choice for training purposes. Our other training lath is the High Jump Flexibar which is used for multiple jumps in training without the need to replace a high jump lath on every jump.

High Jump Equipment from high jump mats, waterproof landing mat covers, high jump stands and laths. Competition Show More