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Pole Vaulting Equipment at Stadia Sports includes pole vault poles, pole vault landing areas and other accessories to help any athletic event run smoothly.

As an exclusive UK distributor of UCS Spirit poles, we’re able to offer exclusive deals on our pole vault poles. Although our selection of UCS Spirit poles is relatively small, our stock is imported directly from UCS and replenished on a regular basis. As well as this, our pole vault equipment includes spare pole vault tips, pole vault hand grip and pole vault bags to compliment the range. View the full range below.

We also offer a complete range of pole vault landing areas, also known as pole vault beds or pole vault pits. The range includes IAAF & UKA compliant landing beds, allowing you to provide suitable training to those who wish to compete.

All our pole vault beds include a spike-proof cover as standard. There are also options to purchase additional accessories for your landing area. For example, a waterproof cover to provides basic protection against the weather. An upgrade on the rainproof cover is the pole vault wheel away cover which, in essence, is a ‘mini garage’ to shelter your landing area. Not only does this protect the pole vault bed against the weather, but also provides it with a secure home. Finally, we supply pole vault base platforms made from wood; these lift the pole vault bed off the ground to prevent damp usually caused by standing in water.

To work alongside the bed, we offer a range of pole vault uprights which are also known as pole vault standards. There are 4 types to suit the possible needs of the athletes. The premium model, known as the Olympic pole vault uprights, is used at the highest levels of competition. The International Pole Vault Uprights are the most common, being used in UK stadiums – the majority of competitions can be held with this model. We also supply a Club vault upright, which can both be used as training stands in conjunction with the Olympic and International uprights.

All 4 models fit the fixed pole vault base which is supplied separately and is precision-engineered to the highest quality. Similar to hurdles, the uprights are made and have been developed by a consultant familiar with original Cantabrian standard. The high quality of these models means they have extremely long lifespans and will rarely need repairing if maintained correctly.

To finish our pole vault range, we offer 2 pole vault laths, also referred to as pole vault bars. Both are made to the exact same specification, although one is an IAAF certified pole vault lath and the other is an IAAF compliant pole vault lath.

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Pole Vaulting Equipment at Stadia Sports includes pole vault poles, pole vault landing areas and other accessories Show More