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Summer Sports Equipment – What We Offer & How to Maintain Your Kit


Summer is back! We have a huge range of top-quality summer sports equipment products that are perfect for your summer sports.

Stadia Sports offers suitable equipment for schools, sports clubs, children, and personal use.

Why us?

  • We sell summer sports and athletics equipment across the United Kingdom.
  • We ship quickly.
  • We have an excellent reputation for outstanding customer service, as our reviews state:
  • Hands-on aftercare process.
  • Free technical advice & ongoing support to our customers.

As a Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) member, Stadia Sports follows industry guidelines closely. We have tested our goals to BS EN 16579 – the new European standard to improve the safety of goalposts. On top of this, Stadia Sports prides itself on providing good quality sports and athletic equipment which are excellent value for money. All products are manufactured using superior quality processes, and all goals are tested to the highest British standards.

Tennis – Summer Sports Equipment

Have you just pulled your nets out? It might be good to give them a service before setting them up!

Maintaining your Tennis equipment

Tennis Net Maintenance Checklist:

  • Check for dirt/grime that may have built up from storage.
  • Check for fraying edges, loose threads, holes, or tears in the material.
  • Replace any damages with new parts at the earliest opportunity.

Shop Tennis at Stadia-Sports

You can find net replacements, accessories, and more in our Tennis section, which we currently have a ‘20% off’ offer on all Tennis Nets: Click here.

Another important tip to remember, is that during the summer season, keep the nets out of the sunlight when they’re not in use. Storing the nets in the shade, helps to maintain them to the highest quality.

Head Tennis Nets

Head Tennis Nets

Athletics – Summer Sports Equipment

The summer season means there are plenty of sports days at schools and athletics days and evenings ahead of us!

Maintaining your Athletics equipment

Make sure you’re ready to head into the season with the correct equipment!

Check for any wear, tear, or damages to your kit, especially if it’s been in storage over the winter months.

Shop Athletics at Stadia-Sports

We’ve got all the products you need this summer, our sports equipment is perfect whether to perform in or host an athletics event. We are sure we can cover your needs from gym equipment to pole vaulting equipment to high jump landing platforms.

Take a look at our athletics page here.

Base Platforms for High Jump Landing Areas

Cricket – Summer Sports Equipment

Despite the terribly wet winter and spring we’ve had, the cricket season is now well underway.

Shop Cricket at Stadia-Sports

Did you not have chance to replace any over your cricket equipment over the winter?

We have a large cricket range that’s perfect for all types of members of a cricket club – whether you’re a groundsman, a player, or a coach.

From cricket nets to scoreboards, to cricket bats, we’re sure we have what you’re looking for.

Check out of cricket range here.

Pro Mobile Net and Cage

Pro Mobile Net and Cage

Rounders – Summer Sports Equipment

The rounders season has arrived.

Maintaining your Rounders equipment

Make sure to check your summer sports equipment over for mould, wear & tear and any broken parts that may have occurred during the winter months in storage.

Shop Rounders at Stadia-Sports

We have a small but essential range that suits the needs for those that play rounders as a recreational sport, or in a competitive environment.

Ideal for families, sports clubs, or schools. Our range can be seen here.

Rounders Package

Rounders Package

All of our products are available to view online, or if you’d like to give our experienced team a call today to discuss your sports equipment needs then get in touch today – 01785 630 250.

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